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serving winnipeg & surrounding areas.

OUR services

Courier Service timelines

Different customers have different needs.  Some clients require dock to dock service or power tailgate.   Some deliveries have dozens of boxes & need to be carried up 7 flights of stairs.   No matter what, we will strive to go above & beyond the other guys.  For weights, specialty service, out of town deliveries, please refer to our current rate sheet.  Rate sheets are available upon request.

Online ordering & POD's

anything you need delivered!

  • Before calling or ordering with us, please ensure that you have the correct PO# or reference, product description, weight & quantity (so we can double check)
  • Please have your sales staff call ahead to ensure your vendor has your product in stock ready for pickup & staged. (When you book with us please let your vendor know, this will help avoid waiting times.  Please call your supplier 24 hours in advance)
  • When having a requested delivery time we require window.  (eg: deliver between 9-11AM or Drop before noon.  Requested drops at 10AM sharp! are not realistic, we require a minimum of 1 hour window for delivery)
  • Please ensure you have the correct delivery & pickup address. Out of town deliveries will require a physical address (not landmark or box number)​
  • If we are delivering to a condo or apartment building, please ensure you have a buzz code, & phone number.   It’s always a great idea to give us the phone number of your sales person & drop contact as well.  

Discounts & Payment terms

  • Many clients request discounts. However, with the cost of staff, operating commercial vehicles, insurance & overhead Top Dog Courier does have overhead (just like your company) If at anytime we do not reach our targeted delivery time,the delivery is discounted to the next lower service.   

  •  All rates are broken down to payment terms.  Class A customers 1-30 days receive the lowest rate. Class B, 31-45 days are charged 5-10% more.  Class C, 46-60 day payments up to 20% more.   Please note as of Jan 1st 2019 our credit card program will offer a 2.5% instant rebate. (ask how to sign up for this program)
  • Even with the carbon tax Top Dog Courier does not charge a fuel surcharge, Winnipeg is not broken down into zones & we don’t charge by the piece.   Simply book the Package & Service type. If someone helps unload the product, via forklift, bobcat or by hand the delivery is automatically discounted because we charge by time not by the piece.

Special service

Top Dog Courier In​c.


Please note:

We specialize in hauling construction materials:
We haul flooring, roofing, siding, foundation materials, electrical wire / reels, tools, landscaping materials, lumber, cabinets, furniture, doors, frames & so much more.

Avoid email delays, avoid voicemail or busy phone lines.  When your order is placed through our software it hits our dispatch panel immediately, no time waiting for confirmation.  Please refer to our online order memo for more details.  

If you need your customer name & password or would like free training to order online, simply give us a shout!   When placing orders online please select all prompts that are applicable to your delivery.  

  • Storage Services
  • Envelope delivery service
  • Small Package delivery
  • Large Items
  • Commercial Truck Service
  • Furniture or residential moves
  • Oversize loads - by appointment only (Moffett, Flatdeck Service & Tractor Trailer)​